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Support great choral music! We’re very lucky to be doing what we love, and we cannot do it without support from generous people like you! Supporting the arts is a necessity in our culture. Research investigating the link between music and intelligence concluded that music training is far greater than computer instruction in improving children’s abstract reasoning skills. (Source: Shaw, Rauscher, Levine, Wright, Dennis and Newcomb, “Music training causes long-term enhancement of preschool children’s spatial-temporal reasoning,” Neurological Research, vol. 19, February 1997). Students who take courses in music and the arts perform higher on the SATs. The study of music in particular instills discipline, focus and concentration in students, traits that will serve them well in other areas.

What does your donation and support mean? Your support means…

  • job creation – as a fully professional chorus, your donation helps us hire musicians, and support living composers! There is nothing more electrifying and thrilling as hearing music fresh from the composer’s pen. We, in turn, help support the local economy through hall rental fees, printing costs, etc.
  • education – your support helps educate the next generation, funding programs such as the Auriel Scholar and helps us attract world-class talent to teach our Auriel Scholar Master Class.
  • enjoyment, and community building – your support allows us to program and perform beautiful music for you, our generous patrons. We live in your community – we sing and play at your weddings, churches, temples, concert halls and festive occasions. We teach your children and your support helps musicians in your home town. It’s a very good investment!

Get involved! Be a part of this exciting arts culture!

Below are three ways you can help bring excellence, artistry and passion in choral music to the Capital District!

1) Choose from five levels of sponsorship:

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2) Donate an amount of your choice:

3) Checks are gladly accepted! Please make payable to “Auriel Camerata Inc” and send to:

Auriel Camerata
PO Box 2551
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