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Welcome to Auriel Camerata!

Auriel Camerata
Hello there! Allow us to introduce ourselves!

Who are we?
We started off as a group of singers who had performed together in various choral incarnations in the Capital District. Because we kept running into each other – and because we knew we blended well, had the same rehearsal ethic, and same rigorous choral standards – the question, “why don’t we we form a small group?” kept coming up. So we decided to make the group a reality!

Auriel Camerata is a flexible, versatile group of musicians who seek to bring excellence, passion and artistry in choral music to the Capital Region and beyond. Through our concert programming and our educational programs, we seek to expand the musical reach of our community. We are inquisitive and inclusive, supporting new music and living composers; and also seeking to honor ageless musical traditions.

Auriel Camerata’s repertoire is far-ranging and diverse; from Medieval chant, to Renaissance polyphony, to Baroque masterpieces, to lush Romantic works of the 19th century and to contemporary works of the modern age.

We are professional musicians and music educators. We believe that music is a language that transcends geographical borders and, as such, is a universal expression of the human soul. We believe in the power of music to unite, to soothe, to stir the spirit, and to express the inexpressible.
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